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JULY 15th, 2023

This summer our staff picnic will be on July 15th at 1pm at Lions Park Pavilion

Lions Park

4066 Miller St, Pittsburgh, Pa 15221

Please bring your family members with you.  Besides hanging out with your co-workers for a picnic in the sun, the park also offers basketball, tennis, deck hockey, bocce ball, horseshoes, and more.  There are public restrooms, and we do have a pavilion reserved for shade.

Alliance will provide beverages (adult beverages are permitted) and paper products however many of you said you would be willing to make a dish to share.  Below is a form for you to complete to identify what dish you will be bringing as well as a list of what food items have already been claimed.  The list will be updated daily!No need to RSVP if you are coming or not, however those who are preparing a covered dish for everyone should plan for 20-30 people.

And make a note of what you would like to bring to share. (Bringing a food item is not required.)


Already on the Menu
Sara O. - Cous Cous Salad
Theo - Chicken Fingers

Michelle - Ceasar Salad
Sara R. - Fruit Salad
Audrey E. - Cookie Cake
Cacelia B. - Hawaiian Subs

Eva R. - Cold Crab Sandwiches w/ Crackers
Warren M. - Pasta Salad
Richard R. - Pizza

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